Hephax Technik is a leading company in the construction of special machinery for the oilseed industry.

With our groundbreaking WASUFI®, we have made a name for ourselves internationally and supply customers worldwide. Our export markets include European countries such as Germany, Austria, France, Poland, and Ukraine, as well as global destinations like the USA, Canada, and Vietnam.


Advantages of WASUFI®

Why you should choose a WASUFI® & what are the advantages of a WASUFI® with turning process compared to a common grinding machine…?

The WASUFI® innovation allows for easy on-site roll machining by employees with automatic alignment, saving time and giving a competitive advantage by avoiding the need to ship rolls off-site for repairs. The WASUFI® also allows for the fixing of polygon effects, which was previously not possible with traditional grinding methods.

wasufi walze

  • It is Safe - no sparks are generated reducing the potential risk of causing a fire or explosion from nearby grain dust or hexane fumes.
  • It is Clean - no grinding dust is generated alleviating the need to wear a respirator when resurfacing the rolls.
  • It is Quick - a set of rolls can be resurfaced in approximately 40 hours depending on the amount of material that needs to be removed, its condition, and its corrugation.


Roll Resurfacing takes place at the flaking mill
  • Rolls do not need to be removed from the flaking mill
  • Saves man-hours
Higher Metal Removal Rate (800 x 2100 roll)
  • WASUFI®: 17.8 cu in/hour (0.012” cut depth takes 5.5 hours at 0.25 in/min)
  • Grinding: 0.82 cu in/hour (0.003 – 0.005 in off diameter takes 20 hours)
Rigid and heavy Beam and Consoles
  • Unmatched accuracy and surface finish compared to competitive technologies
  • Increases the percentage of flakes within the desired flake thickness specification
  • Increases oil yield and profits
WASUFI® is a portable CNC Lathe
  • Automatically compensates for any misalignment with the roll
  • Automatically cuts the desired end reliefs
  • Automatically cuts the end chamfers on most flaker manufacturers
Beams and consoles customized to fit a variety of flaker manufacturers and models.
Turning operation produces hot chips that quickly cool off not sparks or grinding dust.
wasufi detail
wasufi detail

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